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New Character Guidelines

Please Post New Characters Here. Please New Character Guidelines.

New Character Guidelines

Postby Claw » Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:41 am

Characters begin with 5000 XP and may be created using the standard character creation method found in the Dark Heresy 2.0 Core Rulebook, but may also use any additional rules found in the Enemies Within, Without and Beyond supplements.

Please note the following for character creation:

Point Allocation. Do not roll for your stats. Use the point allocation method (please note the home world modifiers).

Wounds. Assume maximum success for this roll.

Fate. Assume maximum success for this roll.

Twist of Destiny. You may roll for or select your Twist as you please.

Duplicate Aptitudes. Please remember; "Note that if during creation a character gains the same aptitude from different sources, he does not gain it twice. He instead chooses and gains a Characteristic-based aptitude that he does not already have."

Starting Requisitions: As per rulebook.

Free Skill: All characters begin with Rank 1 in Linguistics (Imperial Codes) with a specific note that they only know Weiss' codes and any codes or cants specific to their profession, where relevant. To fully "unlock" Linguistics (Imperial Codes) for all uses, the Skill must be purchased as normal.

Penitents Are Acceptable. Your character may be formerly or actively slightly heretical; they may not be out-and-out Chaos worshippers but it is not necessary for them to be puritans. However, such a character must be aware that they are alive only at Weiss’ sufferance and any disruption will be punished.

Once you’ve made your character please start a NEW thread in the New Character Applications forum with:

1) Your Character Name as the name of post.

2) The points you’ve allocated to each stat NOT the total amount or any advances.

3) Any skills, talent or gear choices as part of your character selections (including initial requisitions).

4) A list of the skills, talents and advances you are buying with your XP. Please list these clearly with the skill name, the amount it costs and which page of which book you are buying it from. Example; Common Lore (Rogue Traders), 200XP, Core Rulebook P65.

5) A completed Character Description Template (see below).

Do NOT send any sort of completed character sheet to the GM; no fully listed character sheet, excel or PDF character sheet will be accepted. The information you provide above is enough for the GM to make and post a character sheet on your behalf.

Please await further instructions from the GM once you have done this. Please also ensure you take a moment to review the House Rules folder.

Important Role Playing Note

Your character here begins the game as one of Inquisitor Weiss’ Acolytes.

It is not necessary for you to state how your character was recruited, how long they have been with Weiss or how long they have known the other player characters – it is better that these things are dealt with in-character during play.

With regards to Weiss himself, no matter how long your character has known him they will only be familiar with the elements mentioned in his profile. It is also common for him to leave the Cell for extended periods – sometimes years – presumably to work with other Acolyte Cells under his command.
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Re: New Character Guidelines

Postby Claw » Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:54 am

Character Description Template
Please use the below template to create a visual description of your character.

Name: Include any titles or nicknames.
Age: May be actual age, age they appear to be, both or neither if their age is not apparent for some reason (always wear a helmet, etc).
Height: In meters and feet/inchs.
Build: One word summary of your character's general build; i.e. average, bulky, tough, slim, etc.
Hair: Colour and cut or style.
Eyes: Colour; mention any bionics or common eyewear.
Features: Any other outstanding features notable at a glance; scars, tattoos, etc.
Typical Attire: A list of clothes normally worn and gear usually carried - this is not a description but a brief list for quick reference. For example; Cadian Guard Uniform, Field Cap, Battered Lasgun.

Include in this area a more detailed description of your character. You may include a complete visual description, a summary of their mannerisms and some elements of their personal background. At the very least, you should provide a general description; you are free to add as much extra content as you wish in addition to that.
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