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After Action Report

Ark of Damnation.

After Action Report

Postby Claw » Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:46 am

So significant to Sector-wide legend was the destruction of the Ark of Damnation that few later scholars of the subject were able to believe it the act of ordinary men. As the tale of its destruction spread – and quite how that happened remains a mystery, given the events immediately following the incident – the heroes involved in the act morphed from ordinary, fortunate and skilful men into figures of pure myth, with most versions of the story painting them as Adeptus Astartes champions.

Tragically, although the crew of the Volatilis Miles managed to escape the Space Hulk’s murderous grasp, they could not escape their fate. Just a month after leaving Aventine, the Miles was ambushed by pirates flying the infamous Scarlet Eagle’s colours and destroyed with all hands lost. The fate of the Tajan Wolves remains unknown; they were certainly transferred from the ship at Aventine, but where they went, no record shows.

The Ork Warboss Nazrukk Kragnik was initially thought lost along with the Ark, and as his growing Waaagh seemed to be crumbling under its own weight as petty Ork chieftains bickered amongst themselves. The Imperial army assigned to quell the Greenskins – Task Force Breaker – enjoyed incredible success despite their limited numbers, with the Imperial Navy’s Battlegroup Sagittarius successfully blockading the largest part of the Ork force on the surface of Enkidu.

Led by Lord General Sylus Sarawak, a force composed of Aventine Yeomanry, Keldis Rifles, Saturnal Praetoriani and Stanlav Greyguard engaged the Orks on the ground of that hellish world and began to grind them down. Unfortunately, that success was short lived. After the Lord General was mysteriously killed – his entire command cadre was eliminated without being able to raise the alarm – Nazrukk Kragnik suddenly reappeared, smashing through the blockade to reunite with his force on the planet.

Task Force Breaker was all but eliminated and Enkidu quickly fell to Greenskin hands. From here the Orks launched themselves towards Port Lokhart where they became mired in an unbreakable siege; the Imperial Navy defending the ancient station had not the fleet power to break the encirclement, but without his mighty flagship – or a suitable replacement – Kragnik could not penetrate their defences, and so became trapped in a battle neither side could hope to end.

The events on Terminus Prime were never considered to be of great public interest despite considerable local disruption in the immediate aftermath. With his assets momentarily frozen by the audit, Lord Aristide Anzaforr set aside his dreams of reviving the Terminus System’s glory and returned to his roots as a defender of the faithful, once more using his fleets and armies to protect innocent pilgrims journeying across the Sector. Although the individuals responsible for this upheaval would not realise it for some time to come, they had a hand in starting events which would later prove a great boon for their own cause.
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