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Vessel Data

Information on the Livid Aquila; the Acolyte Cell’s transport.

Vessel Data

Postby Claw » Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:51 pm

Length: 470m (Crew Section 195m)
Beam: 124m (Crew Section 92m)
Height: 97m (Crew Section 32m)
Weight: 550,000t
Crew Decks: 12 (Plus Engine Deck)
Crew: 1 (Plus 24 Servitors)
Passenger Capacity: 50 (Max Sustainable)

Type: Spacecraft
Tactical Speed: 30 m / 18 AU
Cruising Speed: 1,000 kph
Manoeuvrability: +0
Integrity: 35
Size: Titanic (+60)
Armour: Front 30, Side 30, Rear 20
Weapons: 6 x Servitor-Manned* Ventral Assault Cannon Turrets (150m, -/-/10, 3d10+6 I, Pen 6, Clip 300, Reload 3Full, Tearing)
Vehicle Bay: Empty

*When activated on the bridge, Servitor-Manned turrets automatically engage targets within range prioritising the closest visible enemies they can damage. The turrets have a BS of 50. These weapons cannot be manually controlled and the targeting priority cannot be adjusted. These weapons will ignore anyone carrying a vox or microbead linked to the Livid Aquila's secure vox network; new units must be added aboard the ship (all player units are automatically ignored).

The Livid Aquila (Black Eagle) is a Venture-class light commerce system ship. Compact but with a high thrust-to-mass ratio, the Venture-class was originally designed to ferry small quantities of highly valuable cargo between void ships and planets within a single system.

Once a common sight across the Imperium, the Venture-class’ limited cargo capacity and relatively complex drive make it expensive to operate – most of the remaining ships have long since been converted into pleasure yachts for Imperial nobility or skiffs for smuggling illicit contrabands through planetary defences.

As the Venture-class is incapable of Warp travel alone; it must be carried aboard another vessel. The Venture-class is capable of surface landings on Grade-C and above platforms.

The Livid Aquila was recovered from a debris field at Inquisitor Weiss’ orders and it is his intention to outfit the small ship in such a way as to support his investigations in the field. With this in mind a servitor crew has been installed, allowing the entire ship to be maintained and operated by a single Enginseer when necessary. Much of the rest of the ship lays empty, awaiting upgrade components to be installed when available.

Play Notes
The Livid Aquila is intended to be your base of operations during each Case; it’s a place your characters can rest is relative safety, make use of various common facilities (once installed) and store their gear. You will only lose access to the Livid Aquila in exceptional and rare cases as required by the story. It is – normally – a completely safe location.

However, you must note that the Livid Aquila is not a dropship, gunship or assault ship – at the beginning of the game it is both lightly armoured and completely unarmed in addition to being extremely unwieldy due to its size and tonnage. You should think of the Livid Aquila as an oversized RV. It’s your mobile base of operations; not a weapon.
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Re: Vessel Data

Postby Claw » Tue Nov 19, 2013 12:14 pm

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