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Character Origins

New Equipment, Upgrades And Vehicles

Character Origins

Postby Claw » Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:14 pm


Characteristic Modifiers: + Fellowship, + Agility, – Toughness (for a Northerner) or + Weapon Skill, + Agility, – Intelligence (for a Southerner)

Fate Threshold: 4 (Emperor’s Blessing 10+)

Home World Bonus: Proud and Stubborn: A character from Aventine may re-roll a failed attempt snap out of Shock, and halves the duration (rounded up) of any result from the Shock table.

Home World Aptitude: Fellowship

Wounds: A character from Aventine starts with 9+1d5 wounds.

Recommended Backgrounds: Adeptus Ministorum, Outcast, Rogue Trader Fleet
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