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Drago [Photep]

Approved Player Characters.

Drago [Photep]

Postby Claw » Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:07 pm

WS: 25 | BS: 50 | S: 25 | T: 30 | Ag: 50 | Int: 35 | Per: 50 | WP: 30 | Fel: 25 | Ifl: 46

Carrying Capacity: 5

Wounds: 13
Fate: 3

Insanity: 11
Corruption: 3


Strength (25)

Agility (50)
Acrobatics, Dodge, Operate (Aeronautica, Surface), Stealth

Intelligence (35)
Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Medicae +10, Navigate (Surface), Security, Tech-Use

Perception (50)
Awareness, Scrutiny, Survival

Fellowship (25)

Talents & Traits:
Jaded, Leap Up, Marksman, Precision Killer (Ranged), Inescapable Attack, Step Aside

Weapon Training: Las, Low-Tech, SP, Heavy, Needle Pistol


Home World: Hive World
Background: Imperial Guard
Role: Assassin

Home World Bonus: Teeming Masses in Metal Mountains
Background Bonuses: Hammer of the Emperor
Role Bonus: Sure Kill

Twist of Fate: 06–09 "Humans must die so that humanity can endure."

Aptitudes: Perception, Fieldcraft, Agility, Ballistic Skill, Finesse, Intelligence, Toughness

Stat Advances: BS 2, Ag 2, Per 2, Int 1
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Re: Drago [Photep]

Postby Claw » Wed Dec 31, 2014 3:15 pm

Name: Drago Rumanovsky
Age: 32
Height: 1.85 m
Build: Athletic
Hair: Medium long straight black hair. Usually kept in place by his goggles.
Eyes: Blue eyes. Usually set in an unending, brooding stare.
Typical Attire:
• ‘Casual’ ware: Black with red trim special forces uniform, Red barret with silver winged skull pin
• ‘Active Duty’ ware: Preysense Goggles, Customized camouflage IG Flak Armour covered by Chameleoline Cloak, Combat vest

Drago is athletically build. Although he is an expert in acrobatics, he usually holds himself in a rather stiff posture. His military background might have something to do with this. His character might be considered to be equally rigid. Drago often keeps his distance from others and when he does have to talk in public, he keeps it short and to the point. When Drago speaks, you can clearly hear the heavy Vostroyan accent in his voice.
He usually likes to keep to himself. This is not a problem, because he doesn’t have a very pleasant personality. People that have met Drago, describe him as a cold, calculating, tediously methodical and ruthless. All the qualities that are required of a good scout and marksman, but don’t really make you the most popular guy around. Some might even go as far to say that he is just a downright sinister and sadistic ******* that likes his work a bit too much.


Vostroya was colonised long ago, during the Dark Age of Technology, when Mankind first reached the stars. The homeworld of the Vostroyan Firstborn is a frigid industrialised Hive World, covered in manufactories and towering arcology cityscapes, which has maintained strong ties with the Adeptus Mechanicus since the Age of Strife. Like most Hive Worlds, it is heavily populated. Smoking chimneys belch toxic clouds of pollutants into the sky and blast furnaces fend off the bitter chill as vast workforces toil unceasingly for their Imperial masters. These smoke-clogged edifices are the only places where heat can be found, choking oases of light and warmth amidst the perpetual icy gloom.

Vostroyan Firstborn regiments are trained in the frozen, snow and ash-covered ruins of its ancient cityscapes, on portions of their homeworld no longer habitable or functional, before being shipped out, once each generation, to serve the Imperium, never to return.

Vostroyans believe that the proper ways of living are those tried and tested by the generations that have gone before. Horror, pain and death are the just rewards of curiosity, for those that look too deeply into the mysteries of the universe are all too likely to find malefic beings looking back at them. For Vostroyans, ignorance truly is bliss. The Vostroyans also reserve a deep disdain for those Imperial Guard regiments they perceive to be less devoted to the Imperial cause than themselves, although that can sometimes include a great many of their allies on the battlefield. But should the Vostroyans' respect be gained by an individual or a fellow regiment, they are comrades in the face of death and hardship that any servant of the Emperor would be proud to serve beside.

Drago was serving in the 24th Vostroyan Firstborn Regiment before he got recruited by Inquisitor Weiss. Although some might consider this to be a great honor, it is a different matter for a Vostroyan Firstborn. Moving away from his regiment means disrupting an old tradition of men serving in the Imperial Guard. Should he die while not serving in active duty in his regiment, great shame will befall upon his family name. Although he received the news with great dislike, he accepted it without objecting. Refusal of an Imperial order would bring even bigger shame.
The reason why Drago was drafted for the Inquisition is officially not known to him, but he got his personal suspicions. It’s no secret that his conduct in the field is efficient and gets the job done, yet it often involves in collateral damage like civilian casualties, taking high risks in attempt to improve personal scores, using fellow Guardsmen as bait to draw out a target without letting them know and so on. Due to the fact that he never actually does something on which he can officially be reprimanded, he feels that he got swindled into this Inquisition assignment to get him transferred.

“It matter not. I will use dis as training mission. Will just make sure not to die.”
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Re: Drago [Photep]

Postby Claw » Wed Dec 31, 2014 3:16 pm

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Re: Drago [Photep]

Postby Claw » Wed Dec 31, 2014 3:16 pm

Approved from Case III.
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Re: Drago [Photep]

Postby Claw » Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:30 pm

Updated for Case IV.
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Re: Drago [Photep]

Postby Claw » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:41 pm

Additional background information for PC: Drago Rumanovsky

1 History

1.1 Family
Raised in a large family, Drago was the first male offspring of Nikolaj and Olga Rumanovsky who lived in the lower region of the overpopulated hive city Priviyet IV. Nikolaj was born in a proud family with a long line of military heritage. But as is the custom in Vostroya, only the first born were offered the chance the escape the poverty of the grimy factories. Nikolaj was not so fortunate as he was the third child in his family and therefore condemned to a life of toiling in the Promethium factory of Vlados Alpha. However he did so without complaint and lived a simple but happy life with his beloved Olga.
Besides Drago, they had four more children. Their second, third and fourth were all girls named Natasha, Alexandra and Kristina. Their last was a boy named Artyom. Drago's relation with his siblings was rather detached. Mainly because as a first born, he was always treated with respect and had more privileges as the others. Although this was a normal fact of life for the Vostroyans, it did also alienate them from the other children who were not so fortunate.
It did not take long before the day came that a letter from the Departmento Munitorum arrived, telling Nikolaj and Olga the date of Drago's recruitment would soon come. As was a custom in many Vostroyan families, the family heirloom rifle which hanged on the wall for many years was handed over to Drago. May it serve him well and bring glory to his family name, Vostroya and above all the Emperor of Mankind.

1.2 Adolescence
Since the factory workers didn't have any money for fancy toys, their children were forced to be creative and use their imagination to entertain themselves. Drago enjoyed playing hide-and-seek with his friends in the damp and dark tunnel systems of the lower hive. This is where he found out he had a natural talent for hiding and sneaking through the shadows. As Vostroyan Firstborn are drafted into the Imperial Guard at the age of twelve, Drago's careless years were sweet but short.
Once he was drafted in 24th Regiment he was just another grunt and would no longer enjoy being treated any better then his new brothers. It did however give him something which was far better. As he was now among equals, he finally had to opportunity to make some friends. Tragically their friendships would not last long as they were most often split up again in different platoons after graduation from boot camp.
After his graduation, Drago spent less time trying to make new social relations and focused on training his ballistic skills. Still using the family heirloom, although heavily modified to better suit his liking, he was often found on the shooting range. Long were the hours he forced himself to further develop his skills as a rifleman. Although this eventually did got him a promotion to a specialist support role as Recon, it also once again alienated him from the regular Infantry soldiers as Recon's were often considered to be arrogant, shady and unsocial.

1.3 Imperial Guard record
- Drafted to Novosibirsk Boot Camp.
- Completed Imperial Guard initiation rites. Promoted to Guardsman.
- Official reprimand for insulting a commanding officer.
- Promoted to Specialist and assigned for Recon training.
- Assigned to Recon squad "Eagle's Talon"
- First mission deployment in Agrion IX campaign.
- Awarded Ribbon Intrinsic for completing mission vital to success of Agrion IX campaign.
- Second mission deployment in Gowron campaign.
- Awarded Winged Skull for showing inspiring bravery at last stand of Ray's Hope during Gowron campaign.
- Promoted to Sergeant. Assigned to command squad "Night Stalkers".
- Official reprimand for not following standard Recon uniform guidelines.
- Third mission deployment in Hecatis campaign.
- Court martial for disobeying a direct order from commanding officer. Demoted to Guardsman.
- Reassigned to squad "The Black Adders".
- Fourth mission deployment in Ushehk campaign.
- Awarded Triple Skull at end of Ushehk campaign after being the sole survivor of squad "The Black Adders".
- Promoted to Sergeant. Assigned to command squad "The Black Adders".
- Drafted by Inquisition under command of Lord Inquisitor Weiss.
- Transferred to Volatilis Miles for mission deployment. Imperial Guard duties temporarily suspended.

2 Motivations

2.1 Ambitions
Drago has no real ambitions other then improving his skills as a Reckon sharpshooter. Most of his time and efforts will be spent training these skills to ever higher levels. He competes fanatically with his peers to prove his ability with a rifle are superior.
Although he has no ambitions to achieve a higher rank as an Imperial Guard Officer, he does recognize the benefits of not being a mere Guardsman. His abilities and insights on the battlefield have proven to be valuable and have set him apart from other Guardsman. Unfortunately Drago never developed the required social skills for anything higher than a NCO, so he appears to be condemned to that rank for the rest of his military career.

2.2 Hopes and dreams
It his belief, as is indoctrinated in any well bred Vostroyan, that a long and noteworthy military service will bring honor to his family and home world. He hopes to prove his worth in service of the Emperor, either finishing his military career with an honorable discharge at old age or more probable for most Guardsmen... to die valiantly in the field of battle.

In his dreams he would see himself one day retire and lead a school for Reckon Specialists, passing on his knowledge to new recruits and teaching them the way of the scout how he sees fit. It's no secret that he thinks the current doctrines are outdated, need to be evaluated and updated. For this he is considered somewhat of a troublesome rebel, ever balancing dangerously close on the edge of innovation and heresy. Nothing would make him more proud than eventually seeing his own teachings being accepted and applied to the new generation of Imperial Guard Specialists.

2.3 Fears
As it is his hope to achieve a meaningful military career, it is his deepest fear to bring dishonor to his name. This often results in personal struggle as he wants to do things the way he thinks is best without offending his senior officers too much. A dishonorable discharge from the Guard (which would probably end in a Bolt round to the back of his head from a Commissar) would bring great shame to his family.

2.4 Aversions
Although never been confronted by one himself so far, Drago has a profound hatred for heretics. Humans who willing walk away from the Emperor's light are the scum of the universe which deserve no less than a prompt execution. Should he ever have to deal with heretics in the future as an Inquisition Acolyte, he will be the first to volunteer as executioner.

2.5 Personally known strengths, weaknesses and traits
Authenticity is a continual process of building self-awareness, a journey through which we acknowledge both our strengths and our limitations, and come to identify a noble purpose. Although Drago may be proud of his hard earned skills and talents, he is also well aware of his weaknesses and perhaps unusual habits.
He is well confidant in his abilities need for a Reckon Specialist. He is determined but tries to keep an open mind for new ideas and insights. He knows his interactions with other people can sometimes be problematic due a lack of social skills. Furthermore he is missing any significant education besides what he learned from his Regiment. His knowledge of what happens outside the Imperial Guard is therefore extremely limited.
A remarkable personal trait is that he can be very meticulous in dealing with his personal possessions which might seem ridiculously overdone to others. Perhaps the most obvious trait of all is that Drago never quite lost his heavy Vostroyan accent and often uses words from his native tongue to express himself.
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