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Henchmen - 03/06/17

House Rules.

Henchmen - 03/06/17

Postby Claw » Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:29 pm

As senior Acolytes of the Inquisition, every Player Character has been entrusted with a small retinue of supporting characters to assist them during missions. These henchmen are designed and played by each character's player, and are intended to help you operate more independently. Henchmen should be designed to compliment your character; both from a skill and storyline point of view.

Henchmen are recruited from a pool of experience equal to the total amount of experience their character has at the beginning of each case. Henchmen are created using the normal rules for character creation, but do not have Fate and can never acquire Fate. Additionally, no one henchmen may have more than approximately (rounded down to the nearest thousand) two thirds of the total experience pool or less than one thousand experience in total.

Henchmen may be replaced between cases. When henchmen are replaced, any gear acquired at the henchmen's creation remains with them and may not be given to other characters or henchmen. Additional gear given to the henchmen is returned to the controlling Player Character.

If a henchman dies during a case, the controlling Player Character will begin the next case with one less Fate point than usual.

New Players: Please note that the GM will discuss henchmen with you during character creation.
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