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"Spring" - Ward Gamma-89-5B12

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Re: "Spring" - Ward Gamma-89-5B12

Postby Claw » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:36 am

An augur implant only has a 50m range still.
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Re: "Spring" - Ward Gamma-89-5B12

Postby Talon of Anathrax » Sun Jun 04, 2017 9:55 am

Wait, really? Where is that said? I couldn't find it in the DH2 Core Rulebook. Is it in a table somewhere I missed? In a splatbook?

In that case I'll make changes, yes. I'll probably sacrifice even more of his combat potential by removing his Weapon Training (Plasma), meaning that he'll be relying on bog-standard autopistols to fight. He won't be doing much more than Suppressive Fire then :)
I'll probably abandon the Commerce skill, and maybe even have to lose ranks in Charm and Deceive. Since he was created to get some Tech-Use and social skills, that hurts :/

What do you call "high-level", anyway? Should I be aiming for 80+ with a reroll? If Spring gets 2000xp my current plan is getting her Two-Weapon Master (melee), +15 Perception, a rank in Awareness, Inescapable attack and +5 Strength. That would give her Awareness 45 base, with possible bonuses from gear if she can get that augur implant. Is that subpar?
I'm not too sure what kind of difficulty we should be expecting form your average mook or plot element. Are most tests at +10 or +20? At +0 or -10?
Spring ― Shrine World ― Mutant ― Assassin (Equipment)
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Re: "Spring" - Ward Gamma-89-5B12

Postby Claw » Sun Jun 04, 2017 3:43 pm

These implanted devices duplicate the effects of sensor systems that go beyond normal human senses. In all cases, their use requires concentration and a Half Action. Common systems function identically to a standard hand-held auspex device (see page 175)

The standard range is 50m, though walls more than 50cm thick and certain shielding materials can block a scanner.

I'm just saying that Per 30 is pretty standard. It's a 30% chance of noticing something at the base level, which is not great, but then consider noticing an ambush, which is an opposed roll against stealth. Getting high stealth is pretty easy with gear alone, so whatever advantages you can get on Per are a good idea.
Posts: 9197
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