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Event: Die Imperator (Emperor Day)

Northern Atakane, Aventine.

Event: Die Imperator (Emperor Day)

Postby Claw » Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:40 am

As the most important event in the Mankind’s calendar, Emperor Day is celebrated annually across the Imperium. Due to the vagaries of time keeping on a galactic scale it is usually the case that few worlds mark the event on exactly the same day, and no two worlds celebrate the event in quite the same way either; often they don’t even celebrate it for the same reason.

On Aventine, Emperor Day marks the ascension of the God Emperor to the leadership of Mankind and is celebrated enthusiastically.

The month long run-up to the day sees pilgrims arriving to Northern Atakane in droves where they fast and pray at the shrines and saintly statues that litter the region. During this time the Cardinal Temple is closed for purification and the higher ranks of the local Adeptus Ministorum undertake ritual cleansing, leaving ministering of the masses to the hordes of lesser preachers; all of whom hope to make a name for themselves during the event and earn the coveted patronage of a seated minister.

Despite the vast swathes of people in Northern Atakane during this time, the mood is generally subdued and reflective. It is a time to give thanks to the God Emperor and reflect upon the year which has passed, and perhaps to seek forgiveness for any lapses in faith that may have occurred. While some worlds grow wild as Emperor Day approaches, Aventine actually becomes far more peaceful.

However, religious fervour can only be contained so long; Emperor Day on Aventine is especially chaotic, as the faithful set aside their mediations and take to the streets to celebrate the God Emperor with all their might. So wild are these celebrations that a century ago the carrying of weapons for anyone not undertaking active duty was forbidden, due to a series of unpleasant religious riots and a mass lynching of supposed heretics.

The highlight of the event is the Procession of Faith; a twenty nine mile journey lead by the Cardinal Astra along part of the Pilgrim’s Line (the Pilgrim’s Line is some three hundred miles long; many pilgrims do indeed walk the entire length before Emperor Day). People line the streets to watch the Cardinal Astra and senior ministers pass, then fall in line at the back of the immense procession either with lit torches in hand or whips for repentant self-flagellation. The procession arrives at the Cardinal Temple at dusk, where the Cardinal Astra gives his address to the people – upwards of fifteen million often join the procession, and millions more watch on pict-casts – before reopening the temple and leading the first mass of Aventine’s new year.

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