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After Action Report

Huygen, Isca.

After Action Report

Postby Claw » Wed Dec 24, 2014 1:09 am

With the long serving Leibniz line effectively terminated – it's soul surviving heir the unborn child carried by the servant Nellis – and disgraced by the touch of heresy, Huygen was placed under the administrative care of the Adeptus Mechanicus until officials on Juno could decide what would become of the ancient facility.

But having incurred the wrath of puritan Cerix Magnus after interfering with the Inquisition's investigation, the Magos still present on Huygen found themselves isolated and increasingly reviled. Slowly but surely they withdrew from the tainted world, until nothing but a handful of personnel were left in its chilly halls to keep the lights running.

Disgraced by its involvement in the incident the Copper Company was forced to disband, and it's remaining members disappearing into the Sector to seek their fortunes elsewhere. Fortunately, in such troubled times good soldiers can always find work.

The 45th Greyguard Regiment shipped out to the frontlines of the Thule Sub-Sector shortly after the incident, fighting on against the growing might of Kragnik's Flashboyz. They continue to serve with distinction; although few appreciate the presence of their thuggish lower ranks when the fighting ends.

Nothing is known of the servant Nellis and her unborn baby, but follow-up reports by the Adeptus Mechanicus show a young missionary with an unnamed woman on transit documents from around the time the Copper Company mercenaries left. Whoever they were, they seem to have left the system and vanished in the Sector.
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