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After Action Report


After Action Report

Postby Claw » Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:14 pm

With the Interior Court gutted and Governor Conway Campbell forced to work more closely with Canoness Commander Gloria, Bahkaeh finally began its slow and painful climb back to grace after its costly civil war and despicable politicking. With a viable cure located the plague was quickly ended and a great many lives were saved, but Bahkaeh would never be the same again; its traditional industries were destroyed and its coffers emptied despite best efforts to refill them.

Any hope Bahkaeh may have had in recovery was lost when the rebel Zia Zihara and her Rin tribes rose up and destroyed the Haelbuet Platform in a spectacular bombing attack just after Inquisitor Weiss' departure. Although prepared for some sort of assault, the PDF were hopeless outmatched and outnumbered.

When Kragnik's Flashboyz finally arrived they found a world fractured and unprepared to defend itself. With no officers worthy of the title in Sihand, Judge Falhawk and Sister Superior Astente led the defence and accounted themselves well. But even Sihand's walls could not stand long against the onslaught, and within a month the few remaining desperate defenders were trapped in the Governor's fortified palace where they fought on without hope but with unbreakable spirit. Canoness Commander Gloria - outside of the walls tending the refugees - was reported to be killed during the initial assault on the capital.

The immense First Army was leaderless after General Carter was successfully assassinated by Gloria at the Inquisition's behest. Petty noble officers unused to authority spent the army's power foolishly, and it was utterly defeated within a year of the greenskins arrival. However, the Orks proved no match for the desert-wisdom of the Fourth Wind and despite their virtual domination of the planet, Zihara's rebels continued to bleed them in the deserts and wastelands, saving what civilians and soldiers they could from the rest of Bahkaeh's beleaguered survivors.

But no help would ever come to Bahkaeh, and the desert world would eventually be crossed off the charts as if it had never existed.
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